slaying corpspeak so people give a damn.

if you're you, they will come

Behind every good brand, every good company, is good people. The ones you look up to, are inspired by, want to be around. They have the guts to share what makes them human—their quirks, passions, pride, strengths and humility. What lights them up.

So what happens when you help a tech company tell the story of its incredible people? You smash previous recruitment records, and scoop up the title for Best Employer Video from the North American Excellence Awards.


Part 1. “Do you want to go to Tokyo?”

When our client asked us to join them for a new employer branding project, we jumped at the chance and (literally) hopped on a flight to Tokyo where the project kicked off. Along the way, we worked out a concept and rough storyboard that would help showcase what makes the company’s people so incredible. The biggest insight was clear: people want to work with…people. And when you highlight what makes them tick—their quirks, hobbies, accomplishments—you get to know more than what meets the eye.

(Still from the actual employer brand video.)

Part 2. Aaaaand…Action!

While the company was globally successful, it hadn’t historically invested a whole lot in marketing or branding endeavors. So, working on a shoestring budget, we got creative. Our gaffer doubled as grip and DP, and we ran between takes to get props (in the best Japanese we could muster after a two-day crash course in basic language skills) that would help tell each person’s story. We helped lead interviews and co-directed on set to capture the best, most human, most lovable takes.

(The image here and below are actual stills from the project.)


Part 3. The winner is …

The employees LOVED this video and what it represented: a company—a brand—that was all about highlighting its amazing people. (And what made them who they are…in and outside of the office.) The people over at the North American Excellence Awards liked the video a lot, too, naming it the Best Employer Video of 2017.