slaying corpspeak so people give a damn.

oops, he did it again

We’ve worked on quite a lot of Skype campaigns, including co-marketing projects featuring characters from Marvel, or Simon Cowell himself. (Our work for the latter, made in collaboration with our design and strategy friends at IncrediBull, even scored a PRCA Dare Award.)

But of all of the star attractions, we have a particular soft spot for a little mischief-maker we named Max. Because sometimes there’s nothing quite so good as being bad.


I want my Skype on TV.

Skype needed to garner excitement for its Skype on TV product, and part of their incentive was awarding people with a new couch (and smart TV setup). They asked us to come up with fun, creative ways to get the message out. So we asked in turn: what tells the story of getting a new couch and sharing your sweet, sweet success with friends and family (and former boss, if you’re feeling cheeky)?


Life is full of little surprises.

We came up with a few visual stories that Skype could use across the campaign (including their .com feature, merch banner, and landing page). The work was anchored in our concept “life’s little surprises.” And each story starred our favorite character, Max, who’s been a very bad boy.

In just a single image and a few words, we got people entering to win that new couch and smart TV setup … giving them another reason to show friends and family what the little mischief makers in their lives are up to.