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kidsplain it

Our client: “How can we explain what we do…to our own employees”? Our answer: Have your employees' kids do it for you. We partnered with video production experts Green Tricycle to script and produce an ‘ask kids’ style video where employees’ children broke down an otherwise complicated topic into something everyone can understand and appreciate.


Part 1. Who are we trying to reach? And what are we trying to say?

We start every project by asking lots of questions. What do you want your audience (whoever you’ve decided to engage and delight) to feel and learn?

In this case, we helped our client seize on a fun, playful, and clear message that was as understandable as it was smile-inducing.

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Part 2. How can we frame this?

Once we know who you’re talking to and what you want to say, we work on a range of meaningful (and memorable) approaches.

On this project, we wrote several scripts in various styles and tones—taking a traditionally dry subject and turning it into a team-building project for the whole company—and their families.

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Part 3. What do we ultimately want to show, and why?

From short film and video scripts, to website content overhauls and unforgettable email copy, we help you take your messaging to the top of the playlist—and top of mind.

Here we see a still from the internal video that let employees’ kids explain what makes the company so special. Tip from our star: sometimes the best explanation of things coming together is showing us all how to make the world’s greatest gob of goo.