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intranets with benefits

A company of 24,000 strong needed to bring all of its employee benefits and rewards information together into one place. That place being a beautiful new intranet, where LOADS of content are organized and consolidated into bite-sized information that’s easy to read, understand and find. They came to us for human-friendly UX thinking and language that’s now helping everyone…well, benefit. Here’s a look at our process.

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Part 1. Where are we now?

Imagine ALL of the HR content that exists at a large company. And now imagine trying to find what you need when that info is scattered across documents, buried in links on an intranet you barely have time to look at between calls and emails. (Plus, it’s approaching Christmas and you REALLY just want to know if you’re on track to getting your bonus.)

With this project, that’s what we were facing: a swath of disparate content that needed a logical flow and sprucing up—so people could find AND understand what they needed to know.


Part 2. UX thinking (like your audience).

We scoured all of the existing company documents, conducted interviews with employees, and came up with a sitemap structure aligning content sections to how users would look for pertinent information.

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Part 3. The result? A seriously beneficial site.

After the structure was ironed out, we went to work shaping clear and reader-friendly copy for each section. Each page was framed with the thinking “what will the audience want and expect to know from reading this?” — and written to address those needs and expectations.

We’re not UX designers, but we do love applying UX thinking to our work. And the people using the site agree: this is a VAST improvement—approachable, succinct and easy to navigate. Benefits all around, we say.