slaying corpspeak so people give a damn.

Hello, hello! Some examples of what we do:



UX thinking, design thinking, thinking with your customers in mind—that’s how we think.

We think in terms of ideas that speak to your audience. And how those ideas can best come across. Part of that is thinking of the right words. Buuuut--

Since mostly everyone looking at your website, brochure, presentation, ad, sign, annual report, voice guidelines--etc etc etc--are doing it with their eyeballs, we also think with those eyeballs in mind. And we ask questions on behalf of those eyeballs:

What will copy look like to them on the page/screen? Is there enough white space? Will bolding or other formatting help? What kinds of images might work to demonstrate some of these ideas? What will draw those eyeballs down the page, to a click or call to action?

We’re not designers (though we do like drawing stick people sometimes). But we understand how great design and great copy work well together. And we love working with people who jive with that kind of thinking, too. Check out a real life example.

jocelyn brady