slaying corpspeak so people give a damn.

Hello, hello! Some examples of what we do:



One of us once fell asleep during an opera.

That person realized opera wasn’t for them. Partly because “OMG WTF ARE THEY SAYING THO?”

Sometimes business presentations can feel like opera for people who don’t like opera. While this might help address the sleep deprivation problem in this country, it’s probably not that great for your bottom line. Fortunately, there’s a cure: saying stuff that makes sense, simply, in a way people understand.

No matter how complex or boring your subject might seem, we can help you straighten it out and liven it up. Give it a shape. A story. With little morsels of information people actually want to dig into.

We can also turn pretty good presentations into fantastic ones, too. We’ll help you script the talk track and give direction on what could visually accompany your points. And for that final aesthetic polish? Yeah, you’re gonna wanna call a designer for that. (You don’t want us designing. Trust us.)

jocelyn brady