slaying corpspeak so people give a damn.

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If writing were the only thing that went into making great copy, we’d all be stinking rich.

Turns out life isn’t “fair” and we have to work really, really hard to craft language that’s just right. Because great copy begins with great thinking. And studying. You have to know how people’s minds work.

That’s why we obsessively study the neuroscience behind thinking, language and behaviors. It’s why we ask so many questions about your audiences—what’s worked in the past, how that’s changed over time, what they need most from you now. It’s why we push you to try new language from time to time, so you stay trigger-fresh without losing who you are.

If writing looks easy, it’s because you don’t see the detritus splayed across our offices: piles of scribbled notes, hidden coffee cups, 12 million open tabs with research and references that are definitely going to cause a computer crash. We want it to look easy, so that all you get is beautifully organized thinking-on-the-page. Please don’t make us pull back the curtain. We’re still in our pajamas.

jocelyn brady