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Geometry in Space 2.png

digital signage

“Wow, this looks like Times Square.” That’s what one of our clients said when they saw their new digital (giant) screens—that we scripted out—looping in action in specific locations around campus.


Part 1. Digital art out of analog materials.

When our client commissioned a multimedia class at one of the nation’s top art universities to develop fresh, ambient art for select spots on their campus, we conducted an array of artist interviews and got busy scripting.

Digital Signage.png

Part 2. The story behind the art.

These digital signs wouldn’t just be showing amazing art, they would also the story behind the class and feature the student artists.

Forward Slash.png

Part 3. An artistic investigation.

It was an artistic investigation, into the very heart of connectivity, discovery, and exploration involving two dozen students and four faculty members playing out on screens as part of an ongoing exhibition.