slaying corpspeak so people give a damn.

bye bye bankspeak

A financial services company was rebranding—with a movement in mind. But they needed help articulating their message. Without sounding like...well, every other bank out there. (Hint: If they’re using generic “Dear Valued Customer” copy, they aren’t valuing YOU.)

Through research and interviews, we got to the core of what makes this bank delightfully unbanklike—and developed a core messaging strategy, brand voice guidelines and companywide training (including video content) for its 20,000 employees.


Part 1: Where do we stand?

We’re a curious lot, so we ask a lot of questions: What does the research show? What parts of the process can we workshop so that all the right people are involved and engaged? What are your teammates and employees saying? What feedback are we getting from company leaders? What are competitors doing, and what can we learn from their successes (or foibles)?


Part 2. Where do we go now?

The key is developing an AUTHENTIC and trustworthy brand voice. How? By finding your brand personality. As in, who are you and what do you actually stand for? And what traits do your clients and customers share? What are they worried about, excited about, and want to learn about…as in, what makes them, them?

We distill these insights to develop a tone of voice that best reflects you—while standing out to the people most important to your success.


Part 3. How do we implement?

With examples, tips, and how-tos, we walk you through staying on-message and on-brand. From voice training workshops to one-on-one message coaching, we develop core strategies and brand voice guidelines for telling (good) stories in an ever-changing world.


Here’s a look at the training video we developed to help learners get into the mindset of their customers.