slaying corpspeak so people give a damn.
Because Ponies.png

because, ponies.

Sometimes you just really, REALLY want a miniature pony. And sometimes your friends at the bank can help you figure out how to live (and fund) that dream. For this project, our bank client wanted a fun, quirky way to get people to notice its direct mailers and related signage announcing a brand new branch.

And yes, ponies were the star (content) attraction.

Ponies 2.png

Part 1. Seeing the past.

If you’re going to create a new direct mailer—one that people actually remember—you’ve got to start with what’s been done before. And from there, you get creative.

Because Ponies.png

Part 2. Push beyond the safe-and-usual.

Not just creative, though. You’ve got to start with ALL of the ideas. Not all of them will fly, but that’s not the point. Because what good is a leave-behind, if everyone just leaves it behind?

Ponies 3.png

Part 3. When it finally drops, you know it’s something that resonates.

If you always stick within a narrow frame of possibilities, you’ll never land on something that’s new or different. That’s why when we approach projects, we bring LOTS of ideas, like ponies.